Lily B. & Co.

versatile layering jewelry

Lily B. & Layla (her rescued Poodle/gremlin)

Growing up, Lily spent most of her time rescuing injured animals, making dioramas, and plotting ways to save the world. Before she was born her parents started making children’s clothes in their tiny apartment kitchen. Quickly,  their company took off. Lily grew up immersed in all aspects of the business, toddling around the halls from the design department to the dye house.  It was there that she found her love of office supplies and, at the ripe old age of 8, her first loyal jewelry customers (who bought her handmade earrings). Lily’s roots in design run deep.  

Lily's adventurous spirit has since taken her around the world from working with elephants in the Thai jungle, to the reefs of Australia, to the snapping turtle-filled ponds of Pennsylvania. After obtaining a degree in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Wildlife Conservation, she  found herself working in the mountains of Wyoming and then in an oceanography lab on Cape Cod. All of her travels and experiences continue to  inspire her creatively.  

Lily's jewelry is motivated by her love and knowledge of nature and her desire to create beautiful things that can be worn everyday. Each piece is made with attention to detail and is delicate, yet practical. Lily B. & Co. is for the no-nonsense kind of woman.

The jewelry is all handcrafted in Lily's cozy studio, or on the road wherever her work takes her. 

.Proudly handcrafted in the USA.